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Perfect Gift For Every Golfer!

It seems like magic, but the ANTIGRAVI-TEE TM levitating golf ball actually demonstrates the principal of electro-magnetic levitation.

Magnets concealed in the basswood base and the polished metal support arm keep the ball levitating in the mid-air over the tee.

This is not a toy. It is a high-tech instrument that uses a micro-processor to sense the magnetic field and make adjustments to its strength to keep the ball suspended.

Comes with A.C. adapter.

On your desk, on your mantle, on your bookshelf – the Antigravi-TEE ™ Levitating Golf Ball’s classic design will be a great addition to your home or office.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations –
Antigravi-TEE™ Levitating Golf Ball
is available only from
English Creek Products

levitating golf ball
Ball is regulation size
levitating golf ball
unit mesures 7 X 7 1/8 X 2 3/8
levitating golf ball
Even the non-golfer will love this unique gift

Protected by US Patent No. D498,431 S

Perfect gift for any Golfer
the ANTIGRAVI-TEE TM levitating golf ball

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